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catherine webCatherine Salat of Just Imagine Finance has been a mortgage consultant for over 10 yrs. In this time she has seen the need for clients to have a more holistic approach to lending. What does this mean?

Catherine finds the best lender to suit your personal loan requirements, then she looks at setting up your loan to allow the most efficient way of paying it down as fast as possible.

Once you've paid down your home loan debt to allow a good degree of equity in your property, you may want to consider purchasing an investment property. Catherine can assist with this option as well, again setting you up nicely to pay down debt fast.

What if you already have a mortgage plus other debts and you are struggling? Or not struggling but not getting ahead either? How can Catherine help? Most mortgage consultants will refinance your loan, include your debts-which will reduce your repayments and make things easier but will put you back onto a 30yr loan and add, add, add to the interest you pay over the entire loan. Catherine will educate you into HOW to improve your financial situation- this may involve refinancing your debt, but not necessarily.

Just Imagine Finance also has relationships with Financial Planners which allows Catherine to offer her client's other services to improve their wealth position. This includes Self-managed Super Funds set-up and guidance. Just Imagine Finance can then organise any SMSF loans that you may require.

Just Imagine a better financial future.

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